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Forme Teddy T4 Green

Forme Teddy T4 Green

Forme T4 is a mini phone, the small cute size easy to take to everywhere. Even in the small size, it also support you every request of listen to the music, listen the radio, watch the moive, take photoes, ect. Forme T4 is powered by a sturdy battery. To this mini body, our battery power enough for support you enjoy it for long time. The device also comes with an expandable memory card slot which is capable of boosting the memory on the phone up to 4 GB using a micro SD card. This memory can be used to store the user?s music collection, pictures and video.

MRP: ₹ 990.0 INR
Offer Price: ₹ 778.0 INR
Forme Teddy T4 Green

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